introducing CIRCLE 55
a powerful way to give the gift of buoyancy.

Though our founder, Dana Gage, didn't realize it when the name "The LV Project" formed in her mind, "LV equals 55" in roman numerals.  As it turns out, the number "5" holds great meaning.  On the day her son Connor died, he ran his first varsity cross-country meet. He gave it his all and finished 5th for his team, a great accomplishment for a freshman runner. In his honor, one runner who demonstrates uncommon perseverance is chosen to receive the "5th Man" Award at each year's district championship.  >  Cross-country is both an individual and a team sport. The path is often fraught with hidden obstacles and potholes, much like life. But the 5th runner can be the difference maker, because it's the first five runners who determine the team's overall score. It's true in life, too. We don't have to be in "first place" to make a difference in this world. Giving the race our best is what matters most. Our effort could be the difference between victory and defeat, for ourselves and others.  >  Lastly, loaves and fishes. Yes, LoaVes and fishes.  Jesus fed the 5,000 on just two loaves of bread and five fish. Though it clearly wasn't enough, somehow, it was enough. The blessing was supernaturally multiplied. We find that to be true for The LV Project. Time and time again, we've seen your gifts multiply... helping thousands of people LiVe and LoVe more buoyantly in ways we never imagined. 

SO, join Circle 55: and watch your LoVe come alive.